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Where the Story Has Led Them


Olivia Bouzigard

Second Story Alumni, VCU Grad Student

I am currently in my second year at VCU Brandcenter where I am on the Creative Brand Management Track. I moved to Richmond straight from the little town of Boone and have loved every moment of it. Second Story Media was something that did not exist until my Junior year but I honestly would not be where I am career-wise without it. I did not even know what advertising was until we were told we could sign up to be in this class and when we all got in we were tasked with creating a student-run agency. Throughout my time in Second Story, I started off recruiting members and then was the president for a year. I met lifelong friends there, including Kayla Hall who I co-led Second Story with. We now go to the Brandcenter together and without her, I couldn't do this thing we call advertising. 

Kayla Hall

Second Story Alumni, VCU Grad Student

Currently in my second year working towards my master’s degree at VCU Brandcenter in the copywriting track. I am also working in strategy and digital engagement at a contemporary art museum in Richmond. Most recently, I interned at Cactus, an advertising agency in Denver, Colorado. I graduated from Appalachian State in 2020. I helped start Second Story Media in my junior year and then became president for the next year working alongside my best friend Olivia Bouzigard -- who is now my roommate, partner at Brandcenter, and best aunt to my cat Opal.


Veronica Romero

Second Story Alumni, VCU Grad Student

Hello there! My name is Veronica Romero, and I received my BFA in Graphic Design from Appalachian State University in May of 2020. I joined SSM as a Designer during its first ever semester on campus. I was part of the group that created the logo and the brand identity for the agency. It was a super exciting experience, getting to be the first group hands-on with such an important project. I worked specifically alongside Rachael Smith, coming up with new ideas for the name, the look, and the feel of the new agency.

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