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Second Story's First Story

Evan Button-- Photo Cred: Veronica Romero

Second Story Media launched their student-run communication agency Friday, March 22 at Ransom Pub.

“We had great feedback for all the work we have done, both at the launch party and in establishing our agency,” said Lizzy Micyus, the student member who organized the launch party.

The launch party followed the Communication Department’s Spring Forward event, which hosts several alumni and people of industry. The launch party was hosted by Ransom Pub and supported by Wine to Water. Several donations were given from businesses such as Local Lion, Pub Cycle, Heavenly Touch and the Cardinal as gifts for the attendees. Phrey, Evan Button and Stop Light Observations provided entertainment throughout the evening.

“It exceeded my expectations,” said Managing Partner at Ransom Pub Todd Hendley when asked how the event went. “Working with y’all was so easy.”

Information was provided to those interested in joining the agency and to potential clients looking to do business with Second Story Media.

“Attending this event and being surrounded by such enthusiastic individuals made me decide I really wanted to be a part of this agency and everything they are about,” said Sheridan Wood, a student interested in applying for the agency.

After such a successful launch, Second Story Media is reviewing applications to fill positions for next fall as well as considering their first potential clients.

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